At Little Letters, we are on a journey to make early literacy development and learning about the world as fun as possible. We remembered that special sensation of waiting for a letter from a relative, friend or pen pal.

We wanted to create that feeling for the children at our nursery by writing them letters from a fictional character…

The results were so inspiring we decided to launch Little Letters to recreate that feeling in as many children as we could. After months of asking the kids, Mondo the Monkey was born.

We sent Mondo on his worldwide travels and asked him to write back with letters packed with stories, activities, and pictures. It was important for us to have a character that both boys and girls loved to hear from!

We think Mondo is the perfect character to befriend, learn and enjoy adventures with. Little Letters is fantastic value, packed with personalisation and true communication for an enhanced reading journey.

With Little Letters, we seek to provide all parents with an invaluable learning resource to enjoy together with their children.

Little ones love reading with Little Letters.

All About Adam

Little Letters was founded by Adam Kelly, who runs a group of children’s nurseries in Scotland.

Adam is a literacy enthusiast and advocate for early literacy, whose work with young children showed him just how difficult it can be to catch their attention when reading.

He thought back to some of his best childhood memories, of days receiving postcards and letters and the joy of reading them. He realised many nowadays never experience this sensation, and so he decided to share that with children around the world.

That’s how the special delivery concept and format of Mondo’s Letters was born!